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Investment Safety

Financial regulation benefits investors

In a regulated environment such as Monexo, investors benefit from additional layers of protection and transparency.

Why Us?

  • Auto-Investment for Maximum Diversification 
  • No Market Volatility at Play 
  • Most Trusted Alternative Asset Class for Investors 
  • Optimized Returns, Direct Investments   

How Monexo ensure investor safety?

  • Strong Brower screening : In order to ensure the credibility of borrowers, Monexo screens them across 200 parameters   
  • Accountability: The fee model at Monexo is ‘success-based’. This means we earn only when you do. Earnings are realized only when they are collected 
  • Robust Collection Mechanism: To ensure minimal non-payments Monexo has an in-house team for collection. We even have certified collection partners who will be deployed at the appropriate stage to collect the overdue amount for a fee. 
  • Escrow Accounts: We are India’s first P2P company to partner and hold your funds in an escrow account. Our partner, IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited is our third-party administrator. They execute your lending transactions. Monexo does not have access to your funds or make any transactions on your behalf.   

RBI Disclaimer

The Reserve Bank of India does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any statements, representations, or opinions expressed by Monexo, nor does it provide any guarantee of repayment.