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Our vision is to make

credit more accessible and investing more rewarding

About Monexo

About us

Monexo is an online peer to peer lending marketplace with the goal of providing superior customer experience and removing the friction in the borrowing process with the use of robust technology.

We believe that India's drive for "financial inclusion" is beyond bank account opening.

Its about "credit inclusion".

Traditional lenders are increasingly unable to serve to small business enterprises (SMEs) and individuals who need credit. These borrowers are looking to expand their business, buy a home or pay off debts. Monexo empowers these borrowers to have a better life today.

We are a marketplace matching individuals & businesses who need credit to lenders who seek to invest in a profitable asset class.

- We don't have branches - we are 100% online with low overhead costs

- We provide value - by offering personalized rates to you

- We are transparent - in our processes and fees

Globally, P2P lending is innovating financial services. Monexo brings this innovative model to India.

Many firsts of Monexo

We believe in innovative and best processes. We are creating the industry standards for P2P lending and improving how people borrow and lend. Monexo has many FIRSTs in India as a P2P lending company:

OCT 2016

DEC 2017

FEB 2017

Our Partners


CRIF is one of the key players worldwide specializing in Credit information, Business information, analytics, scoring, decision and credit management solutions. CRIF is known in India through CRIF High Mark, a leading Indian credit bureau providing services for Consumer, Commercial and Microfinance lending.


Jocata Financial Advisory and Technology is an innovative products and services firm specializing in Know Your Customer("KYC"), Anti-Money Laundering("AML") and Combating the Financing of Terrorism("CFT") compliance for financial services industry clients.


IDFC Bank is a subsidiary of IDFC. Headquartered in Mumbai, IDFC Bank is a universal bank, offering financial solutions through its nationwide branches, internet and mobile. Envisioned as a new age bank, IDFC Bank seeks to set a new standard in customer experience, using technology and a service-oriented approach, to make banking simple and accessible, anytime and from anywhere. In keeping with IDFC’s legacy of building the nation, IDFC Bank will focus on serving the rural underserved communities and the self-employed, while continuing to support the country’s infrastructure sector. IDFC Bank provides customized financial solutions to corporates, individuals, small and micro-enterprises, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and the government. With best-in-class corporate governance, rigorous risk management, experienced management and a diversified team, IDFC Bank is uniquely positioned to meet the aspirations of its customers and stakeholders. For more information on IDFC Bank, or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


LexisNexis® is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

Kochhar and Co.

Kochhar & Co. was established in 1994 and is a leading law firm in India with a pan India presence.


PriceWaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PWCPL) is our internal auditor in India.

Community Service

1% Bottom Line + 1% Time = Community Betterment

We call it the 'Power of One'. At Monexo, we have taken a pledge to spend 1% of our time and bottom line for financial education - to raise awareness about the choices and options one has at hand to lead a financially aware and healthy life.

Monexo believes that this integrated community approach will have a ripple effect in spreading financial education among the various communities of India in the long run.

Management Team

Ashis Bubna

Ashis Bubna

Strategy & Growth

Ashis is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management Accountant and a Management graduate from IIM Ahemedabad. He has three decade long rich experience in financial services and capital markets. He brings along vision, business strategy and core financial sector domain knowledge. He has worked in Singapore, U.K. and South Africa and associated with many renowned professional bodies of national and international repute. He is a keen observer enjoys everything that comes around.

Mukesh Bubna

Mukesh Bubna

CEO, Ex-CFO Citibank

Mukesh brings 20 years of consumer banking experience from Citibank. He has worked across geographies and lived in India, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has led diverse regional teams in his role as Regional Director for Product & Marketing of Citibank. Prior to that he was CFO for Cards and Unsecured Lending for the Citibank APAC region. In his last role he was a Business Head for Western Union - Financial Inclusion Program for Asia. Mukesh enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and photography. He can be either seen dragon boating on the weekends or hiking trails. In Jan' 2014 - he ran the Hong Kong Trail of 50 Km from Peak to Big Wave beach - he climbed his Mount Everest and has since been an avid runner sporting a Polar watch on his wrist.

M. Sundar

M. Sundar

Operations and Policy

Sundar brings over 30 years of professional experience as a Chartered Accountant. He is a Partner in a leading CA firm, headquartered in Chennai, India. He has vast experience in credit operations, underwriting of retail consumer, mortgage loans of varied nature and size for more than 25 years. He has been associated as a professional service provider, with leading banks / NBFCs in India including Citibank, HDFC Bank, SBI, Deutsche Bank, American Express Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank, Corporation Bank, Capitalfirst, Fullerton India Credit Co. Sundar enjoys travelling, networking, good vegetarian food and Carnatic music.

Advisory Team

Dhruv Mehta

Dhruv Mehta

Chairman of Federation of Independent Financial Advisors (FIFA)

Atul Malik

Atul Malik

Senior Financial Services Executive



Senior Technology Executive

Vivek Vig

Vivek Vig

Director - Centrum Finance