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Auto Invest

is a feature that helps you
automate your lending.

Monexo is India's first peer to peer lender that provides the ability to do automated investment in loans listed in the marketplace. Its a hands-off way to find and fund loans without logging into the Monexo platform. Once you set the lending rules, orders are placed automatically. It is that simple!

Benefits of Auto Invest

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Speed - Auto Invest


You don't miss an opportunity to fund loans even when you are not online. Your idle cash gets deployed quickly.

Control - Auto Invest


You can continue to fund loans manually while using Auto-Invest.

Flexible - Auto Invest


You can customize your investments based on your level of risk tolerance and financial goals.

Monexo Grow

Monexo Grow

By investing in risk-assessed, personal loans from creditworthy salaried borrowers, Monexo Grow enables investors with a small budget to participate in peer-to-peer lending.

Start investing in the form of SIP with as low as ₹ 5,000 monthly.

Why Monexo Grow?

Monexo Auto Grow offers you a host of more and exciting features than your regular investment opportunities to get your profits ever higher. Here are some of them:

Invest Monthly and Earn Monthly

Invest Monthly,
Earn Monthly

Generate passive income every month with monthly repayments from borrowers

Upto 3x Higher Returns

Upto 3X Higher

Earn upto 3 times more than your traditional investments and multiply your savings at a better rate.

Auto Invest


Get rid from the tension of keeping a track of your investment. Set payment terms and date and Voila! Sit back and relax.

Verified Buyers


In order to ensure the credibility of the borrowers, Monexo screens them on more than 200 parameters.

Reduced Risk With Diversed Portfolio

Reduced Risk With
Diverse Portfolio

Mitigate the risks associated with investments by diversifying across a wide range of loans available.

Monthly Income Plan

Monthly Income Plan

Your income, your decision.

Every month, the interest component of your borrower repayments is credited directly to your bank account. You can decide what to do with this repayment, you can choose from different options available or even DONATE it for a worthy cause of your choice.

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