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How to Invest 50 Lakhs for Monthly Income in 2024

Investment ideas for monthly income

Could it be said that your goal is to invest 50 lakhs and receive a monthly income as a salary every year? Wonderful! However, there are a few things to consider beforehand, including the amount of risk you are comfortable with, the duration of your input, and the way you will handle income taxes. In this article, we will focus on one of the best options to invest 50 lakhs for monthly income in India.

Why P2P Lending is the Best Investment Option for Monthly Income?

P2P lending is one of the best options for investing 50 lakhs for monthly income in India because it offers:

  • High returns: P2P lending can yield annual returns ranging from 12% to 36%, depending on the borrowers’ utilizing habits. Compared to traditional venture options like fixed deposits, post office schemes, government bonds or mutual funds, these profits are significantly higher.
  • Low risk: P2P lending platforms use advanced algorithms and data analysis to assess the borrowers’ creditworthiness and assign them a risk rating. Loan experts can select borrowers based on their inclination for risk and challenge preconceptions.
  • Monthly income: P2P lending platforms provide month-to-month payment options that enable lenders to receive monthly reimbursements from borrowers for head and premium expenses. For the moneylenders, this can provide a steady stream of predictable income that they can use by reinvesting or using for other objectives.
  • Tax efficiency: P2P lending platforms, deduct tax at source (TDS) from the interest income of the lenders, as per the Income Tax Act. This reduces the tax liability of the lenders and simplifies the tax filing process. Moreover, lenders can also claim tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 80EEA, if they lend to eligible borrowers.
  • Liquidity: P2P lending platforms provide lenders with options for liquidity, including pre-conclusion, incomplete withdrawal, and secondary market. Lenders may withdraw funding before development, depending on certain conditions and costs. This can provide flexibility and convenience for the lenders, in case of any emergency or change in financial goals.

What is P2P Lending?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is an alternative finance system that eliminates middlemen like banks and financial organizations by facilitating direct connections between borrowers and lenders. Technology is used by peer-to-peer lending platforms like Monexo to streamline the lending process, from credit evaluation to loan disbursement and repayment collection.

There are a few benefits to P2P lending for both lenders and borrowers. Effectively, quickly, and at competitive rates, borrowers may obtain loans, while lending experts can boost their portfolio, earn attractive returns, and support the financial inclusion of marginalised segments.

How to Invest 50 Lakhs for Monthly Income with Monexo

Monexo is an online P2P lending marketplace with the goal of providing superior customer experience and removing the friction in the borrowing process with the use of robust technology. Monexo believes that India’s drive for “financial inclusion” is beyond bank account opening. It’s about “credit inclusion”.

Monexo is a marketplace matching individuals and businesses who need credit to lenders who seek to invest in a profitable asset class. Monexo does not have branches – it is 100% online with low overhead costs. Monexo provides value – by offering personalized rates to the borrowers and lenders. Monexo is transparent – in its processes and fees.

Monexo is one of the pioneers of P2P lending in India and has many firsts in the industry, such as:

  • The first P2P lending platform to offer insurance cover for the lenders
  • The first P2P lending platform to offer auto-invest feature for the lenders
  • The first P2P lending platform to offer secondary market for the lenders
  • The first P2P lending platform to offer monthly income plans for the lenders

Steps to invest 50 lakhs for monthly income in India with Monexo:

  • Register as a lender on Monexo
  • Complete your KYC verification and upload the required documents
  • Choose the borrowers you want to lend to, based on their risk grade, loan amount, loan tenure and interest rate
  • Alternatively, use the auto-invest feature to automatically lend to the borrowers that match your criteria
  • Receive monthly repayments of principal and interest from the borrowers
  • Withdraw or reinvest your funds as per your preference


P2P lending is one of the best options for investing 50 lakhs for monthly income in India, as it offers high returns, low risk, monthly income, tax efficiency and liquidity. Monexo is one of the leading P2P lending platforms in India, that provides a hassle-free and rewarding lending experience for the investors. If you are looking for a smart and innovative way to invest your money and earn regular income, you should consider P2P lending with Monexo.

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