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Why Peer-to-Peer Lending is the New Face of Finance

New Face of Finance

“Banking is necessary, banks are not” Bill Gates once foretold in 1990.

This was the time when shopping required going to a physical store and mails were written down on paper.

Today, a store is no longer necessary for shopping, and papers are no longer necessary for sending mails. Google, Amazon, PayPal, Alibaba, and many more giants have shown that old and traditional practices of their industry are outdated by the continuous progression of technology. This is a wave of technological and digital innovation that swept through industries, and it has finally reached the financial services industry globally.

Picture this: You’re planning to invest your savings for your retirement or children’s education, so you start looking for investment options. In the midst of it, you find that the amount of time and research needed to find the right investment for you is simply overwhelming. Then, after evaluating the risk and return, you consider depositing your money at the bank for a slow but sure return.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Marketplace is the Disruptive Answer to Banks’ Inefficiency by Connecting Savers Who Wish to Lend Money to Borrowers in Need of Money.

P2P lending breaks down the complexity of the bank’s process of lending by moving it all online. Benefits of this include:

1. No appointment: apply and access, anytime and anywhere you like

2. Convenient: your loan can be approved in just minutes

3. Good rates: borrowers get low interest rate, lenders get high return rate from the absence of administration cost

Everyday People Lending to Everyday People

Monexo aims to make credit more affordable and accessible to individuals and businesses by connecting them to lenders who want to create a diversified loan portfolio and earn attractive returns.

Peer to Peer Lending is the new face of finance – effective, practical and reliable!

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