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Monexo’s selection as one of the Top 20 FinTech Companies in Hong Kong

Top Fintech Companies

Between them, our panels looked over 500 FinTech companies in India and Hong Kong. And in terms of celebrating the innovation powerhouses across Asia, it was just a start.
So we’ll be launching a bigger, more comprehensive view in the shape of a brand new list later this year.

The FinTech50 Asia.
As the gateway to China, Hong Kong has some big investors in FinTech on its doorstep – Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent. Investment into VC backed FinTech companies in Asia hit $4.5bn in 2015, ahead of the $1.5bn invested in Europe.
Two members of our inaugural Hong Kong FinTech20 – both Grand Prize winners – visited the UK in 2015 and as a result have already established offices in London and secured deals with a global technology vendor and a tier-one asset management firm. One, Lattice, also made this year’s Hot Ten.

Monexo Innovations

Monexo Innovations is a P2P lending marketplace with a focus on transparency and convenience through best-in-class technology. Hong Kong is its first market and its first product is focused on property owners who can borrow against rental income.

Reference: FinTech50 2o16

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