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Monexo – P2P Lending platform giving 19%+ annualized return

Annualized Returns

Monexo is an online Peer to Peer Lending Platform launched in Oct 2016. We, at Monexo, are superbly excited to serve both the borrowers and lenders.

Our borrowers are mainly from metro cities like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai etc. They work across the spectrum of employers like Colorplus, Exide Insurance, and Le Meridian Hotel to name a few. However, we are excited about the fact that we have bankers borrowing from us. Yes, bankers from private as well as international banks.

This was possible as we are the only P2P Lending platform that delivers a 1-minute decision for borrowers

Our borrowers have given us great feedback like:

“I came to know about Monexo from Google and it proved to be really helpful. It was quick and completely trustworthy. I suggest everyone to try it once to fulfil their dreams. I am extremely happy and satisfied. Thank you Monexo for fulfilling my dream.” Mr. Chanda.

“I came to know about Monexo from Google and it’s really helped me when I required badly. Quick process and very professional staff. Thank you Monexo for your support.” Mr.Velpoor.

You can visit our FB review page for more reviews.

At Monexo, all our borrowers are served without going to a bank. We are a one stop shop and take care of the process end-to-end.

With Monexo screening process and pricing model, the current borrower composition across M1 to M8 grade loans is given in chart below:


*100% digital, paperless application process;

*fast disbursal (96% said it was faster than their bank);

*lower interest rate (75% said it was lower than their bank and 25% said it was on par with their bank)

has given us 100% Net Promoter Score (NPS) from our current borrowers.

Borrowing done responsibility can lead to growth.

On the other hand our lenders are from across India and using Monexo platform to improve the yield on their savings. They have moved their saving fund or debt fund wealth to Monexo and are being rewarded handsomely. Our current yield on our platform is north of 19%+.

The table below shows the composition of the portfolio across the Monexo risk bands and their gross interest earning.

M1 to M3 – which is conversative risk porfolio and could have lower than 1% default is already providing 2x of Fixed Deposit return.

M3 to M6 – which is moderate risk portfolio and could have default upto 2.5% are giving a gross annualized return of 17%.

M6 to M8 – are our High Risk Portfolio and could have upto 4% default provide gross annualized return of greater than 20% to offset the risk.

19% annualized return from a debt fund is  pretty good with all the work done by Monexo,  no upfront fees and only a fee of 2.5% of the monthly installment.

Keep reading, as the next blog will bring out the interest certificate of one of our clients and his strategy of investment.

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